Vernel Bennett
President and Co-Founder
Jacques Leandre, Esq.
Vice President and Co-Founder
Mario E. Simmons, Esq.
Vice President of Legal Affairs
Brian W. Lawrence
Vice President of Marketing
Julet Barton
Lisa S. Quarles, J.D.
Assistant Secretary
Patrick (Len) Jones
Asst. Secretary (Emeritus)
Howard H. Williams
Britton Alston
Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms

Legal committee members:
Jacques M. Leandre, Esq.
Mario E. Simmons, Esq.
Lisa Quarles, JD
Raye Titus, Esq.

Program coordinators
Britton Alston
Sandi Osborne

In House Members/Service Providers:
Michael Walker, owner of Fidel Photography is our in-house photographer

Vincent L. Garrett, Senior Partner at Gaulf, LLC is the official supplier of our golf uniforms and hats

Board of Directors and Officers