The United Black Golfers Association shines a spotlight on the struggles, strength, perseverance and successes of Black People in America with stories that are too often untold

The History of Black History Month (3:45)

The Transatlantic Slave Trade: Crash Course Black American History (13:07)

Slavery in the American Colonies: Crash Course Black American History (10:54)

Slave Codes: Crash Course Black American History (8:29)

The US Constitution, 3/5, and the Slave Trade Clause: Crash Course Black American History

Ex Slaves talk about Slavery in the USA (9:54)

Reconstruction and 1876: Crash Course US History (12:59)

Jim Crow Laws and Racial Segregation in America | The Civil Rights Movement (6:28)

The Red Summer of 1919: Massacres of Black Communities across America (13:04)

What Is Black Wall Street? | Forbes (4:42)

UBGA member Robert Hickey, grandson of Ocoee Massacre survivors /The Generational Trauma Left By the Most Violent Election Day in U S History (5:10)

An in-depth look at the Tuskegee Experiment (13:47)

The Great Migration: From the South to the North, 1910- 1970 (12:39)

Arts and Letters of the Harlem Renaissance (12:37)

History of the Civil Rights Movement (5:52)

15 Untold Black History Inventors Wasn’t Taught at School (10:48)

Black Cowboys, the Untold Story (2:58)

The First Black Presidential Candidate No One Remembers- 1904 (10:07)

10 Most Successful Black entrepreneurs (6:03)

Quotes From Powerful Leaders to Celebrate Black History Month (7:59)

The Road to Freedom: Black History & the Civil Rights Movement | Full Episode (1:27:56)

UBGA Celebrates the History of Black People